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I AM BAAAACK! [Aug. 30th, 2004|02:17 pm]
**Yeha so I finally got the internet. Whee. Rick and I live together now, in a ROCKING house on Main St. Across from Jonzen. Its neato. We had a dog, Bastian (aka Bastard) that same little puppy we had a year ago, but he was crazy because his last owners never trained him. He attacked Rick thursday night and messed up his arm real bad, we put him to sleep Friday at 5 pm. I am still so sad. I miss him and I loved him so much.
**Baby is doing great. we are at 28 wks and everything is a-okay so far. Orion Benjamin McCoy is expected on Nov. 15th. The baby shower will be on (maybe) October 9th. Its a saturday. We are excited and getting all sorts of stuff ready, like the babys room and a bassinet and clothes and toys, its a lot of fun.
**School is supposed to start Tomorrow. Wednesday for me, but either way I may not be going at all because of my due date being in the middle of the semester. I am planning/hoping to take 2 Psych classes and then an internship.
** Got 2nd degree burn on my arm the other day, damn clumsiness mixed with baking a cake. Hot oven. its pretty big but its not so bad. I should have so much more to say because its been so long but I have been typing email all morning and now I feel ill. UGH. Well i hope noone thought I died, and I will be around a lot more often now. YAY!

[User Picture]From: paula__sparks
2004-08-30 07:22 pm (UTC)
Becki! I'm going to see you soon! YAY!!!
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