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Bad News Doctors. [Sep. 22nd, 2004|05:59 pm]
So today I had a drs. appt. Everything seemed fine, everythings great with the pregnancy, the blood pressure etc etc. And then he goes "you had an abnormality come back in your internal test" apparently I have indiscriminate cells in there, (aka cells that DONT belong). It could be cancer, BUT they cant do the tests on me yet because the stress and process of the test could put me into labor too early! So I have to wait til 6 wks after. I am freaking out and I have no idea what to do. I mean, theres nothing I can do they wouldnt be able to treat the concer if thats what it is, because that could kill the baby. UGH! So I just get to sit here and worry for the next 14 wks! Someone just shoot me. Hopefully it will turn out to be a mistake, or the slim chance that I have that the indiscriminate cells aren't cancer, or aren't malignant. Im gonna go be terrified and stressed by myself. I really want Rick back from Europe... NOW!