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40 days and counting! [Oct. 4th, 2004|03:45 pm]
So wow. I cant believe I only have 40 days left. Also hard to believe that this Saturday is the baby shower, and more than 50 people are coming! I feel so lucky to have awesome friends, and that everyone is wishing Rick and I well at being parents. We need it LOL.

Saturday was Ricks birthday. And Isil's 1 yr celebration of being our pet. I got Rick Fear and Loathing special edition and we watched the hell out of it. It was rocking, that movie is the absloute best! My parents and I also gave him a Tolkien book about him in WWI and how it affected him writing the books etc. He seemed excited so I was happy. Some of his friends came down to hang out and we all hung out here for a good bit, then they all went out to the bars. Everyone got trashed, sad for me, but I was really glad he got to go have fun, which he totally did. Sunday we woke up and they started drinking again, then we went to the Winery (bar) for lunch. Yucky place. Then they came back for a contraption, HAHAHA it was great. Then Rick and I drove to Springfield to meet his parents and go to Olive Garden and babiesrus. We also went out to see Cellular. It was pretty cool.

So today I called and lied to the library, I feel bad but it was necessary, I dont have money to cover the fine adn I still need the books, so I told them I was on bedrest and they vetoed it and are letting me keep the books for a while, but I still owe a huge fine. Yuck!

http://www.angelfire.com/psy/orionbenjamin This is my ghetto ass stupid site for Orion. I am gong to make Rick make a site for him, once hes born, but until then, my lameness will prevail. The one that will be official when hes born will rule, because Rick rules at what he does.

Well I have papers to write and shit to do! Rick should be home soon as its his mommas birthday today... well Im outta here, hope everyone is doing great etc etc etc!