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Well its been a long ass time, because I am realizing as I gan stuff… - Becki! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 6th, 2004|04:04 pm]
Well its been a long ass time, because I am realizing as I gan stuff to do with my life, that this thing is really pointless. I mena really, if you want to know whats going on in my life, ask me! Geez. I have phones and AIM and such and I dont really like writing pointless reports on my day to day crap. Besides, I do NOTHING.

So anyways, nine days til the baby is due. Thank god... I need a drink. Other than that the doctor may just induce labor on Wednesday... and I am hoping I go into labor before that, like tonight. I finally saw Orions constellation in the sky last night so maybe its an omen and he will come today, or at least this weekend. That would rule the world, and then some.

So Patton left town to move to California. Thats so weird. Ive never been in D-Town without Patton being around and its strange to think hes so far. Plus, hes going to culinary school, which is funny and mostly because classes start at 6 am... his drunk ass will never make it. heheh But I do hope he does and I went to his house with rick and schultz to wish him well the night before he left.

Apparently Josh Young and Jackson are coming back into town tomorrow. I havent seen them since the beginning of the summer when they moved to Kentucky. Apparently they are doing really well and I am excited to see them, although I would rather be in the hospital in labor...

I still owe the library tons of money and I feel bad, but not that bad. I really just need to return the books so the fee stops going up. That would be ideal.

Well I am 9.8 months pregnant and feeling like crap... Im out.